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‘Science won’t change; we have to change politics’


Renewable energy is a key battle in the war on climate change, but how to win it? Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace international chief executive, has the answer.

When you’re head of Greenpeace you cannot be scared of a challenge. Kumi Naidoo isn’t. At 15 he became involved in anti-apartheid activism in South Africa, his home country. At one point he was expelled from high school. He worked in neighbourhood organisations, the youth sector and organised mass mobilisations against the regime. “For me, climate change is not only about the environment – climate change is about survival, economy and equity,” he says. “Because of this growing consciousness I started to volunteer for various environmental organisations.

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The environmental advocate


Philippe Cousteau Jr. wears many hats. The grandson of legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and son of Philippe Cousteau Sr, the renowned documentary filmmaker, Cousteau Jr. has followed in their footsteps by educating people about environmental issues. He is co-founder and president of EarthEcho International, a non-profit organisation seeking to empower youth to take action for a brighter future. He is co-founder of Azure Worldwide; a strategic environmental design, development and marketing company. He is also an adventurer, explorer, author, TV host and special correspondent for CNN International. Yet for all his roles, they unite behind one singular goal. “My mission in life,” Cousteau says, “is to help people recognise the power they have to change the world.” Continue Reading…


‘We still have time’


The natural world is beset with threats such as climate change and wildlife poaching, but it can be saved, says WWF chief executive Carter Roberts.


Protecting the natural world was never going to be easy. In Africa, wildlife poachers are using increasingly sophisticated technology to hunt rhino horns and ivory; in Asia and elsewhere, tigers, gorillas, giant pandas and other species near extinction; across the world, business leaders and politicians are turning a blind eye to climate change. Continue Reading…


The polyglot


By the time he turned 21, Benny Lewis, from Ireland, knew only English. In his intellectual armoury was a degree in electronic engineering. After graduation, in 2003, he moved to Spain. Some 10 years later, all spent on the road, Lewis is fluent in eight languages. He knows everything from Spanish and French to Mandarin, Irish, Esperanto and American Sign Language. Hundreds of thousands of keen learners read his website each month, enabling Lewis to make a full-time living off language projects. Is there a secret to success with languages? Yes there is. Continue Reading…


Fighting the good fight


The environmental activist believes organisational efforts on a worldwide basis are required to defend the earth’s remaining resources.


Joss Garman knows a thing or two about coordinated campaigning. The activist, who works for Greenpeace UK, has become a prolific voice in Britain after involvement in demonstrations against coal-fired power stations, politicians and airlines. He has reportedly been arrested more than 20 times. Yet Garman knows results are best achieved through grouped efforts. “We won’t save the world through altruistic individual action, but through working together as a worldwide movement to transform the way our economy is powered,” he says. Continue Reading…


The hitchhiker


In September 2012, Sébastian Dahl, a half-Norwegian, half-French photographer, set out to hitchhike from his hometown Oslo, the Norwegian capital, to Beirut, in Lebanon. He grabbed his camera, sealed his backpack, and embarked on a three-month journey. Some 10,000 kilometres (6,370 miles) later, Sébastian could complete an exceptional photographic diary that captured the moments he experienced, the people he met, and the 112 vehicles he used to get there. He tells us about the ride. Continue Reading…


The underwater photographer


The oceanic world is full of surprises, and Alastair Pollock has captured them since he was 10 years old. The Sydney-based underwater photographer has produced images from some of the most exotic marine environments, such as Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, the Philippines and the Bahamas, and has featured in a range of international publications. He talks to us about what makes a good photographer, the threats to our marine ecosystems, and what it is like diving with sharks.  Continue Reading…

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A wake-up call


With Africa’s rhino and elephant poaching worsening by the year, Charlie Mayhew, founder and chief executive of conservation charity Tusk, says nations must pass tougher legislation or risk losing their prized wildlife.

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The camel artist


Since quitting his job as a middle school teacher in Washington, D.C. in 2010 to travel West Africa, Phil Paoletta has discovered a continent at odds with that portrayed in the mainstream media. Now established in Africa running a restaurant and catering business, he talks about ‘slow travel’, western misconceptions and why he now teaches people how to draw camels. Continue Reading…