Tourism and gastronomy

Tourism, Gastronomy and Cultural Exhibition

April 6th – April 8th 2018
​Metro Toronto Convention Centre Canada

Eco traveller World of Taste invites you to a tourism, gastronomy and cultural exhibition to experience different country pavilions from around the world.  Access to the world’s most unique holiday destinations, take advantage of special holiday packages, enjoy tasting international gastronomy cuisine and soaking in the varied cultural heritage of many exciting countries.

Exhibition taking place at Canada’s largest convention facility in Toronto and host to some of the biggest convention events in North America.

Canada is the world’s 7th most valuable source market for international tourism worth US$33.8 billion. Toronto is the 4th biggest city in North America with a population of 5.5 million and is regarded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  Top Canadian business travel destination with over 1,100 flights per day and service to more than 174 cities around the world.

The World of Taste exhibition will directly engage, educate and provide an overwhelming experience to both consumers and businesses about the unique destinations around the world.

  • At the countries pavilions, companies will be able to leverage and showcase tourism, gastronomy, trade and investment directly to both buyers and consumers.
  • Tourism companies will promote tourism, history, nature, customs, cultures through dedicated seminars, shows and presentations.
  • The exhibition will focus on ecological tourism, educational sustainable tools for all travellers to identify the importance of traveling responsibly to natural areas that conserves the environment and helps the welfare of the local communities.
  • The exhibition will support countries, tour operators, local authorities, communities, and their tourism industry.
  • Tourism companies, hotels, airlines, tour operators will be allowed to offer specific holidays directly to both consumers or trade. Offers can be advertised with incentives/discount voucher coupons within the VIP passport book for all attendees.


  • Food and drink is a vital element of the overall visitor experience.
  • Food tourism contributes to regional and country destinations. It helps sustain the local environment and cultural heritage and strengthen local identities and sense of community. It allows communities to generate income and employment opportunities locally, providing jobs and helping local economy such as agriculture.
  • The cuisine of the destination is an aspect of utmost importance in the quality of the holiday experience.

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