Palau – Under the Sea

Beautiful view of 70 islands in Palau from above

Many people may not even have heard of the tiny nation of Palau, a small archipelago located hundreds of miles off the Eastern coast of The Philippines. This miniscule island paradise, however, has emerged as a world leader in the ecotourism industry as it looks to concurrently protect its unique environment and attract increasing numbers of tourists to experience it for themselves.

If Palau is leading the rest of the world, however, the resort of Dolphin Bay, on the southern island of Peleliu, is the leader of the leaders. Describing itself as ‘Palau’s most eco-friendly resort’, Dolphin Bay has been constructed in a fashion that allows visitors to experience both the traditions of Palau and the luxuriousness that they might expect from a Pacific Islands holiday.

Underwater photo of endemic golden jellyfish in lake at Palau. S

This family-run establishment may go out of their way to cater for guests’ requirements, but they do so using traditional island materials and methods, with the complex having been built on the principles of Palau architecture. All ongoing developments at Dolphin Bay are undertaken with both environmental sustainability and the traditions of Palau in mind, making it an ideal eco-destination.

It is not just a cocktail glass and views of the ocean that Dolphin Bay offers to its guests, though – exploring the perfect blue waters that stretch way beyond the horizon is a must for any visitors to Palau. The resort runs the oldest diving shop on the island, Peleliu Divers, which is locally owned and operated by knowledgeable and experience Palauans.

Beautiful tropical island under and above water

They offer the opportunity for guests to practice eco-friendly diving at a variety of sites around the island, with the chance to glimpse beautiful coral reefs and incredible marine life. A policy of “look but don’t touch” is very much in operation, with every care taken to ensure that those wanting to explore it do not compromise Palau’s unique environment.

The most popular and famous diving point in the whole of Palau is Blue Corner, a veritable underwater paradise teeming with literally hundreds of species of marine life at any given moment. Vast schools of barracuda glide by alongside three different species of shark and sea turtles coexist with parrotfish, creating the best kaleidoscope of the underwater world that Palau can offer to divers.

Beautiful tropical beach with palm trees, white sand, turquoise

Other diving locations around Peleliu allow for more specialists experiences, with Turtle Cove being a slightly shallower diving location that is mostly inhabited by larger marine life. Naturally this includes turtles, but sharks and stingrays can also be seen roaming the waters by divers brave enough to take the plunge.

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