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Green city guide: Bangkok


The most frantic and enigmatic city in south-east Asia is no environmental saint, but sustainable options do exist.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand in every sense. More than 12 per cent of the national population live in the coastal city, where most of the country’s political, economic and cultural institutions are gathered. Here old wooden homes blend with a cityscape of booming skyscrapers symbolising Bangkok’s status as a major business centre. High-tech conference centres mix with temples and Buddha statues that reflect strong religious values.

The city’s environmental image is not the best. Traffic congestions are notorious and the infrastructure struggles to serve the city’s 9.3 million inhabitants. Overdevelopment is evident. The concrete buildings are a million miles away from your typical dreamy forest cabin. (In your mind, that is. One such resort actually lies very close.) But green facilities do exist for those who look. Here are a few examples. Continue Reading…