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The underwater photographer


The oceanic world is full of surprises, and Alastair Pollock has captured them since he was 10 years old. The Sydney-based underwater photographer has produced images from some of the most exotic marine environments, such as Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, the Philippines and the Bahamas, and has featured in a range of international publications. He talks to us about what makes a good photographer, the threats to our marine ecosystems, and what it is like diving with sharks.  Continue Reading…


The storm chaser


When people are fleeing something dangerous, the man running in the opposite direction is George Kourounis. The Canadian adventurer has for 15 years explored furious tornadoes, active volcanoes, floods, blizzards, hail and lightening; often while hosting the TV series Angry Planet, whose 39 episodes were broadcast worldwide from 2006 to 2010. He tells us about getting caught in a tornado, visiting a lethal 52˚C crystal cave and getting married on the edge of an erupting volcano. 

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Destinations, Interviews

The permanent nomad


Derek Earl Baron has travelled continually for nearly 13 years. After leaving his US home for a post-graduation trip to south-east Asia in 1999, he has worked on cruise ships, been kidnapped and acted in a Bollywood movie – all while visiting 83 countries. He has no plans to stop just yet.

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